Buy Hampton® Dura-Bell Urethane Hex Dumbells

Hampton ORIGINAL commercial dumbbell Structural integrity is guaranteed Urethane encased heads reduce noise Half-pound sizes ONLY by Hampton Fitness No toxic smell from inferior recycled rubber! Dura-Bell™ is one the brightest innovations in our industry since the grip plate. As substandard imitations flood the market, there are several distinct features that separate the real Dura-Bell from the knock-offs. Hampton Fitness holds the U.S. patent on a round cylinder head that is screwed on the end of a solid dumbbell handle, then reinforced with a quarter-inch roll pin, through the head and the handle itself. It’s guaranteed not to come loose! Our competitors manufacture theirs by using a hexagon-shaped head and then rubber-coating it, which will cause rubber to tear from the inside out. Theirs is also made with a scented recycled rubber as well. It maybe cheaper than the urethane coating we use, but in the long run, when your Dura-Bells are still in use, you'll be glad you paid for the quality.

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